Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Interesting Neighbor

When we were growing up we had some unusual neighbors, at least we thought so at the time. One of those people was a woman named Miss Julia Lewis. What made her unusual was she had one leg quite a bit shorter, maybe about 8 to 10 inches. I am guessing trying to remember back all those years. Anyway, I used to visit her and she would be sitting in a chair by the window usuing a big embrodiery hoop, or maybe it was a quilting hoop, quilting on a quilt. She made lots of quilts like this and I thought it was interesting because everyone else used the traditional frames which were four boards held together with c-clamps. She would just be holding the hoop on her lap. I guess she wasn't able to use the usual ones as it was hard for her to get around plus she probably didn't have anyone to help her roll the quilts as she finished a side. She always let us come in and visit her while she worked. Usually, she would give us some cookies or something. She had sone black servents to help her around the house. She lived together with her brother, I don't think he ever married either.
The reason her leg was shorter she was riding in a horse drawn buggy and the horse got spooked and starting running. She was thrown out of the buggy but was dragged behind and her leg was badly damaged. She wore a built up shoe with a really thick sole. Her brother's name was Dudley Lewis. He supplied our house with water from his "ram", a water tank, to our house until we were able to have our own well dug.

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