Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mishaps of childhood

There was a store across the crossroads and one across the road from our house as I was growing up. We always had dogs and some of them loved to drag cans and garbage people left around the stores into our yard. One day while I was playing outside, I must have been less than 5 because I don't remember the incedent, I jumped down from the fence that was in the back yard. The dog had left a cornbeef can on the ground where I jumped down. These cans used to be opened by using a key that was attached to the can and rolled around the top and a little strip of the can pealed off to take the top off the can. This left a very sharp edge along the rest of the can. Yes, when I jumped my big toe on my left foot hit this sharp edge and cut all the meat off the side of my toe but was still attached by a piece of skin. My mother must have seen what happened really quick, maybe she was close by, because she bandeged it up really quick. She cleaned it up and wrapped gause around it and the toe grew back together but left an impressive scar. If you would like to see it just ask me sometime.:)


  1. Aunt Sue Ellen! I found your blog, and I love reading your stories. It is fun to hear about your family and learn some things I never knew. I hope you are doing well!