Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Tree

11 September 2009 my last uncle died, Charles Gosa, my Aunt Sue's husband. Aunt Sue is my Dad's youngest sister and last living sibling in his family. Cecil came down and we went to his funeral in Aberdeen, Ms. on Tuesday, 15 Sept. On a previous trip to Alabama Cecil had visited most of the cemetaries where we had relatives burried and copied down the information from the headstones. We were entering this information into new family search and were able to get some cards printed out Saturday when Dad and I worked in the temple. Uncle Hugh and his wife, Robbie Gates; Uncle J.S. and his wife Avis Law; and Aunt Margaret's husband, John Whitfield, were baptised and confirmed on Saturday. We were trying to get Aunt Margarit's work done also but she had been reserved by someone already. After Cecil called all of his children that could have done this we found out Kristen had reserved her the night before. When all of this work is done we can have these couples sealed and my Dad's siblings sealed to their parents. It made me feel really good to get some genealogy done. So check it out!


  1. Did you need help getting the endowments done?

  2. Ben and I could do endowments or sealings if you need us to.