Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference memories

Since this is conference weekend it got me to thinking about how we were able to first get to see general conference when I was growing up. As you know I was born in the dark ages (before tv).When the tv stations were talked into broadcasting a session it was the Saturday morning session brought to us on Sunday morning. We were overjoyed at this. When we lived in Utah, we were able to see each session on tv, amazing! When we were in Germany we were able to go to the stake center and the audio was sent out but no picture. So they would put slides up of the person giving the talk. When we visited Herb's family we even got to watch it there at the church and could hear it in German if we wanted to but went to the room with English. Then when the church put satelitte dishes in we could enjoy all of conference. I was even able to go to a conference session in the Conference Center. But the best way is in the comfort of our own home. I hope all of you will enjoy watching conference however you will be seeing it. I like to think I have all of my family with me listening to our leaders. I love all of you!!!

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  1. Let's hope some people's snoring does not disturb conference for everyone else. I guess that is the beauty of having the dish, you can try again!