Thursday, July 2, 2009

Play house

I guess maybe I was about 5 or 6 when my Dad started building me a play house in the front yard. He got the frame work up and a floor put in and Cecil said he thought he got the walls put up about 3 feet but I don't remember whether there were walls or not. I had many long hours of fun playing in my playhouse with my dolls. I don't think I could have had any more fun if it had been finished. It stayed up for a few years and when it got in a condition that wasn't safe it was torn down and a basketball goal was put up. I don't remember one being put there as the on I remember playing with was in the side yard but Cecil said the first one was in the front yard. l also had a favorite tree in the front yard that was made for climbing. It had low limbs and nice wide branches that made little pockets that were just right for sitting in. I spent lots of time in the tree. It was still there when I graduaded from high school but I had not climbed it for many years, I am not sure when it had to be cut down.

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